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Session 1

Broken Is a GIFT - Blueprint for a Life Worth Living
Presentation Type: 60 Minute Breakout


In this breakout session, Dr. Michelle Shaivitz helps participants design a blueprint for realizing their own potential. During the session, participants focus on creating a personal blueprint, but many mental health professionals will find this exercise applicable to their clients as well.
Based on the Broken is a GIFT concept that when someone is broken they can rebuild themselves the way they are meant to be, with meaning, value and purpose, this breakout guides participants through a seven-step “Rebuilding Blueprint”.
Each step of this blueprint includes practical and achievable tasks that help people move from a point of brokenness to a life they don’t want to run away from. Steps include:Start Being Honest with YourselfSpring CleaningUnapologetically YourselfBe Healthy SelfishFind PurposeBe PresentGive it Away
Initially designed for incarcerated individuals nearing their release date, this process is applicable to people from all backgrounds and is a practical tool for any mental health provider.

Participants will learn how to build a personal rebuilding blueprint.
Participants will understand how to guide clients through designing a rebuilding blueprint.
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Session 2

Broken Is a GIFT
Presentation Type: 10 Minute TED-Style Talk


In Broken Is a GIFT, Dr. Michelle Shaivitz delivers an engaging and inspiring message of hope. Audience members will walk away knowing that no person is beyond helping and that everyone has the potential to design a life worth living.
Dr. Shaivitz shares her personal story of loss, addiction, brokenness and the triumphant return to a life worth living, but reminds audience members that not everyone has to fall as hard as she did to make changes in their lives.
Anyone who has ever struggled with just existing from one day to the next will identify with Dr. Shaivit’s personal story. With a beautiful family, nice house, good job and all the things that come with that, Michelle was silently struggling. An alcohol addition pushed Michelle to rock bottom and landed her in jail.
During her struggles and her journey, Dr. Shaivitz realized that being broken was a gift because it meant she could rebuild herself however she wanted. Today, Michelle leads a nonprofit organization, appears as a speaker, and provides personal coaching to people interested in living a life they don’t want to get away from. Her personal story is inspiring.
Broken is a GIFT’s universal message about personal meaning, value and purpose is relevant to nearly everyone. However, it is a breath of fresh air for professionals who work with some of our country’s most “broken” individuals.

Audience members should learn that every person is broken in some small way and has room to make positive improvements in their life.
Audience members should learn that no matter how dark someone’s past, they always have the potential to change.
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